About the blog:

The future could be really big – but we don’t spend enough time thinking about the ideas and policies that will shape it. This blog explores those ideas, with special focus on the intellectual movements known as Effective Altruism and Longtermism.

I also write about my other interests – American electoral politics, public policy, and philosophy – and top everything off with a healthy dose of sarcasm and hot takes.

About me:

I’m an Effective Altruist, who is currently an undergrad at Yale, studying Political Science and Philosophy. I’m also a consultant at Blue Rose Research, where I work with folks like David Shor on survey research, helping to ensure that Democratic politicians have the information about public opinion they need in order to win elections. I’m also an affiliated researcher at Data for Progress, the progressive think tank and polling organization.

Previously, I have written on the rise and importance of “Secret Congress” with Matt Yglesias, on the politics and policy surrounding the Child Tax Credit with David Shor, and on the longterm future of the Democratic party in the US Senate. My work has been referenced in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Vox, FiveThirtyEight. Politico, and Axios.

You can reach me at simonbazelon@gmail.com.

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Simon Bazelon
Author of Out of the Ordinary. Studying political science and philosophy at Yale University. Slow Boring contributor, research affiliate at Data for Progress, working on survey research for Blue Rose Research.